Hotspot Shield v3.42 Elite Download For Free

 Hotspot Shield v3.42 Elite Download For Free With Patch

Not able to access to your favorite website e,g Facebook , YouTube , Myspace etc. Not a problem . Use Hotspot Shield v3.42 Elite unblock any website with one click . Not only on your personal computer , but at school , office , market everywhere .

This VPN software also protects your IP address by altering your real IP to a fake one .

 Hotspot Shield v3.42 Elite Download For Free With Patch

It creates an encrypted tunnel between your PC and Hotspot Shield servers and you surf the internet anonymously .

Additionally , it has the ability to protect you from snoopers and hackers at WiFi hotspots, hotels, airports and corporate offices with its WiFi security feature.

It also can secure your data, online shopping, and personal information online with HTTPS encryption and as well as , it comes packed with malware protection feature .


Click here to download (a torrent file) Hotspot Shield v3.42 Elite with patch skip the ad .

What to do after download it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

install it .
Don't launch Hotspot Shield v3.42 Elite after installation .
Exit application from Background app using Task manager .
Copy Hosts file and paste here (C://Windows/System32/Drivers/Etc)
Delete af_proxy cmd.exe from HSS Folder
Restart Computer.
After Restart Use Patch and wait

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