Download Tor Browser Bundle 3.6.5 For Win, Mac, Linux

Tor Browser Bundle 3.6.5 Is Available To Download For Win, Mac, Linux Users team has just released another update for Tor Browser Bundle. Now Tor Browser Bundle is more better and you will a clear difference after using Tor Browser Bundle 3.6.5.

However I will not get into details about what's new in it but here is the list what changes/improvements have been done.

All Platforms:

Update Firefox to 24.8.0esr
Update NoScript to
Bug 12684: Improve Canvas image extraction permissions prompt
Bug 7265: Only prompt for first party canvas access. Log all scripts that attempt to extract canvas images to Browser console.
Bug 12974: Disable NTLM and Negotiate HTTP Auth
Bug 2874: Remove Components.* from content access (regression)
Bug 4234: Automatic Update support (off by default)
Bug 9881: Open popups in new tabs by default

Update Tor Launcher to

Bug 11405: Remove firewall prompt from wizard.
Bug 12895: Mention as a valid bridge request email address
Bug 12444: Provide feedback when “Copy Tor Log” is clicked.
Bug 11199: Improve error messages if Tor exits unexpectedly

Update Torbutton to

Bug 12684: New strings for canvas image extraction message
Bug 8940: Move RecommendedTBBVersions file to
Meek Pluggable Transport:
Bug 12766: Use TLSv1.0 in meek-http-helper to blend in with Firefox


I am going to list working download links to download Tor Browser Bundle 3.6.5 offline installer and these download links are for Windows, Mac and Linux users.

Click here for Windows, here for Mac and here for Linux and skip the ad.

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